Welcome to Fixbot!


How does it work?

FIXBOT offer pick-up repairs for your devices like phones, tablets and laptop at your doorstep. We travel islandwide to your convenience for the pick up. You can place an order via our website, facebook or whatsapp and our customer service officer will liaise with you for the arrangement.

What's the turn around time for each repair?

The time required for the repair varies from few hours to few days depending on the severity of the damages.

Do you offer on site repair?

Yes, we offer on site repair but limited to some repair only. More complicated issues will require our lab’s equipment for the diagnostic and repair, also longer testing period might apply.

Why do pick-up service?

We can provide battery repair or some model of iphone crack screen repair on th spot but mostly repair need special tools and machine to repair or program to make it done well. We prefer quality job then express job.

Are there additional hidden costs and fees?

No, we provide FREE pick-up and return service. Do note that failed delivery, a transport fee of $10 might be levied.

Do you use original parts?

No, Only the authorized service provider can claim their parts to be original. We use high-quality parts from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), unless otherwise stated.

Is there any warranty from FIXBOT for the repairs?

We provide limited warranty for parts that are replaced by us during the repair. The warranty becomes null and void if the Fixbot sticker is tampered or missing, or if the unit was serviced by unauthorized third party.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not include the following:

  • Pre-repair conditions that existed before the repair
  • Post-repair conditions that had been informed and accepted by the customer
  • Loss of data as a result of the repair or after the repair
  • Subsequent damage to the device after the repair, including cracked screens
  • Subsequent accidental or purposeful drops
  • Water damage
  • Tampering with internal hardware or attempted self-repair
  • Software-related issues, including jailbreaking
  • Operating System-related issues, including current version and future updates
  • Known manufacturing or performance issues
  • Faults not related to the original repair

What are FIXBOT operating hours?

FIXBOT Customer Service is available from Monday to Sunday, 11am to 9pm at +65 6677-2942