Should I have my repair iPhone in the center or the Apple Store?

Phone repair has always been a thing, especially for iPhone repair as you can’t just swap out the battery and so on. Although the repair industry is quite established, especially in Singapore, it has a bad rap among the public as people tend to associate third-party repairers with not using original parts. Although some third-party repairs might do that, it has affected the industry. So, it is important to find a reliable third-party repairer. There are a few opinion on this matters, Fix my Gadget showcase the pros and cons of both.

As a third-party shop repairer, there are certain situations where we would recommend for you to go to the Apple Store while there are situations where a third-party shop works wonder.

So, in what situation do you go to the Apple store?

If you are facing some issues after purchasing your iPhone not too long ago, you should take it back to the Apple Store that you bought it from as they will most likely exchange it for you. Not only that, if you face any software issues, sometimes the third-party repairer would not be able to do anything in regard to it.

Where is it fine to repair it in a repair shop?

There are a few situations where we will highly recommend bringing it to a trusted repair shop like us. Firstly, it will be the iPhone service or any kind of mobile servicing. This is because the process of servicing does not require any other component from the Apple Store.

Other than that, we would also recommend changing small components of the phone like iPhone screen repair, iPhone screen replace, or iPhone battery replacement would also be better to fix on the reliable third-party store as it is more likely to be cheaper.

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