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Samsung S10 UV Glue One Minute Quick Paste (Matt)


Use UV glue to stick the screen protector onto the phone screen , to prevent dust to enter between the screen and the protector as well as making it smudge resistant and glare resistant. Easy to apply, clean removal with no residue and will not affect the touch sensitivity or fingerprint verification.

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Before you install

  • Remove any pre-installed screen protectors before installing
  • Remove any registered fingerprints that are on the phone

During the installation

    • Please make sure your surface is level
    • Clean the surface with the wet wipe followed by the dry wipe provided.
    • Pour the UV glue onto the center of the screen.
    • Gently apply the protector and let the solution spread evenly on the screen. (Do Not apply force on the protector)
    • Apply the UV light evenly over the screen protector for 60 seconds.
    • Re-Register your Fingerprint. Register the same finger in multiple angles.

Note: Do not do the installation under or near sunlight.


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