Samsung Note 10

Looking for screen protector for Samsung Note 10 ? Explore different varieties of screen protectors that we provide. There are plenty of varieties from FixBot!

What are the differences of each screen protectors you might ask?

First of all there’s the basic screen protector that has minimal protections, although it might only last one drop after it start to crack, it definitely gets the job done if you’re not too clumsy. It’s the cheapest out of all the variations.

Secondly, the thicker and more durable screen protectors. This type of screen protectors are catered towards individual that are more often or not clumsy with their devices. Usually for these type of screen protectors, you can last for quite some time even if you drop if often. This are one of the more expensive version of screen protector and thickness might not be some individual’s cup of tea since it will create bulkiness.

Thirdly, there’s this “privacy” screen protector where it’s only visible towards the users. When people look at it on the side, it will seem totally black out. It is quite beneficial for people who value privacy especially for those who travel through public transport, you wouldn’t want people to look at your screen right?

So these are some of the Samsung Note 10 screen protector that we carry. We would recommend whichever that’s suitable for you, it’s totally up to what it’s necessary for you. But the best bank for your buck would be the thicker version as it might helps to last for years to come.

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