iPhone LCD (OEM)

The differences between iPhone LCD (OEM) and iPhone LCD (Original)?

The iPhone LCD (OEM) are an affordable alternatives that is produced by third party factory. Though it being cheap, it is more fragile as compared to the original version which it might crack if a strong pressure was applied.

Alternatively, the iPhone LCD Original are basically the LCD that the original factory that Apple produces. It’ll most likely be more expensive but it’s reliable and most probably will last much longer with a better durability to withstand impact or damages.

Pros and Cons of iPhone LCD (Original) and iPhone LCD (OEM).

The pros of iPhone LCD Original are it is more durable and better built while cons are it is more expensive. Alternatively, the pros of iPhone LCD OEM is affordability while cons being that it is fragile.

How to determine whether it’s damage to the glasses or LCD?

For glasses, it can determine it by when even if the phone is cracked but still fully functional. On the other hand, there are a few ways to determine if it’s the LCD damage.

Firstly, when it can be seen or felt that the cracks are inside of the glasses. Secondly, if the screen are not responding when trying to turn it on. Thirdly, it can be turned on but not responding when  trying to use it. Lastly, when their areas that shows blurry, discolored and black spots.

Which one should get?

We would always recommend to get the original form as calculating it in terms of “Cost-Per-Impact”, it is way more cost-efficient as compared to the OEM form. It really depends on the situation, A tight budget will prompt for the OEM version. However, the extra money is worth it for the original version.

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